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Past Workshops

Natural Dye

April 30th,  2-4pm 
Bluefield Farm, Blauvelt, NY
$45 for adults - $25 for kids

Looking out into the world, we see a plethora of colors! Many colors used for dying can be found in nature.

Join us at the beautiful Bluefield Farm in Blauvelt, NY to explore the organic pigments found in nature. In this 2 hour, family friendly workshop, we will learn where natural dyes come from, how to extract pigments, ethical harvesting practices, and the process to create a dyed silk scarf using natural pigments.

All materials are provided for in this workshop including the pre-treated silk scarf, organic dying pigments, and hands on instruction.

If you would like to create multiple scarfs please contact ahead of time so materials can be provided for. There are limited spaces in this workshop.

Please pre-register by sending an email to


The price of this workshop is $45 per adult, $25 per child, + $15 for every additional scarf you choose to make. Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.


Intentional Mandalas

April 26th 6:30-8:30pm
RAKit Club 338 Molfat, Unit L, Brooklyn, NY
Suggested Donation: $35

Intentional Mandala Workshop: Use this moment to listen to your inner wisdom. In this workshop we will tap into our inner knowing through the guidance of meditation and visualization. From this place of sacred space we will bring forth the symbolic messages to paper through artistic expression.


This workshop will allow you to touch into your inner landscape and find an important message for your current embodiment. We will explore painting techniques and symbology to inform your personalized mandala created from the sacred space within you. Please bring a sketchbook & pencils

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