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Watercolor Paint

Art Tutorials

Learn and explore art making techniques. Please use each video as as guide to learn something new and try at home. 

River Stone Pigments

This tutorial is an adventure where we discover natural pigments from the stones of Rio Blanco at the Fairy House in Costa Rica. This video will help you to identify stones that can be used for natural pigments.


Once you collect these stones, grind and refine them, you can make watercolors or dyes using their coloring.

Lapis Lazuli Watercolors

In this tutorial you will learn how to make watercolor paint using raw lapis lazuli stone. Here we test a few different natural binders including gum arabic, honey, and egg yoke. 


Teak Natural Dye

In this tutorial Madeline demonstrates how to capture the pigment from the teak tree and create a color bath for a naturally dyed silk scarf. 

Paper Making

In this tutorial Madeline explores using yucca starch as a binder for paper making.

Costa Rican Honey Locust 

With the help of her trusty assistant puppy Django, Madeline explores found material on the beach to make a natural pigment.

"Visual Body Scan" - Healing Through Art Making

In this tutorial Madeline demonstrates the process of doing a "Visual Body Scan" using acrylic paint on paper. This technique helps one to observe their inner landscape while also engaging in methods of self soothing and healing. 

Acrylic Painting Basics

In this tutorial Madeline uses acrylic paint to illustrate a basic sunrise on found coconut husk. 

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