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Healing Arts 4 all is a therapeutic practice that blends art making and holistic wellness for self reflection, health, and empowerment. Here you are encouraged  to explore the depth of your inner landscape, and be inspired to embark on your own journey of creative spiritual embodiment.

" Art........ is the universal tongue, which expresses the situations of the heart and human spirit.

It leaves us the living traces of all those who have loved

and experienced eternal beauty."

- Felix Ziem

Healing Arts 4 All

Art is a window into the soul. It is through this creative intelligence and act of play that one may access profound levels of the unconscious, heal traumas and wounds, and live a more joyful life with meaning and embodiment.

With a developed sense of self, and a practiced awareness of the imagination, one can unlock portals to the infinite. 


It is through the act of art making that one is able to form a dynamic and tangible relationship with the earth and the sacred imagination. This relationship is important because it gives us a reference point to understand who we are to our selves, to our community, and in our world. 

Heart Whispers - Acrlyic on Wood - 12x24 - MLynch.JPG


Your Guide

Healing Arts 4 All is dreamt by Madeline Lynch.

Madeline is an artist and healer. She creates artworks in a variety of mediums as a joyful devotion to understand the human experience. From her extensive travels, Madeline has followed her calling to learn spiritual wellness practices and artistic techniques from around the world. These experiences are documented in her artwork and shared through her therapies. 

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"Through the practice of art, we are able to make the invisible visible. With devotion, humility, and grace, we may become a channel for the universe." - Madeline Lynch

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