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Healing Arts 4 All 

Healing Arts 4 All is founded on the principle that profound healing is possible through the process of art making itself.


Healing Arts 4 All believes that you do not have to be an artist to use art to express yourself, and you do not have to make something beautiful in order to heal. The purpose of art in this context is to discover something deeper within yourself and to gain access to different planes of existence through the sacred door of the imagination. 

Now this is where it gets a little tricky. How do we know where our imagination ends and the visions of the sacred universe begin? This discernment takes practice and humility.


In addition to helping a person to process one's emotions and experiences through art, Healing Arts 4 All also supports spiritual development through artistic practice and holistic wellness practices.  These holistic wellness practices include massage, body work, Reiki, and herbalism.


With attention and intention, Healing Arts 4 All can help you to obtain the discernment to help you to clarify your spiritual visions of the heART and support you on your path of authentic embodiment.  

Healing Arts 4 All is run and founded by Madeline Lynch. 

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Madeline Lynch has used the artistic process as a vehicle for self discovery and healing since she was a child. She is forever grateful to her mother Debra Lynch who guided her to embark on this journey and her father Dean Lynch who encouraged her to do so.


Madeline is a psychology masters graduate from the Teachers Collage of Columbia University and holds a bachelors of arts degree in Studio Art and Philosophy from American University.


Madeline is a licensed massage therapist, certified Rieki practitioner, herbalist, and yoga instructor. She has taken various trainings including Family / Spiritual / Geo / Organizational Constellations & Spiritual Healing  with Ron Young, Esoteric Studies and Lucid Dreaming at Las Piramides in Guatemala, Harm Reduction Psychotherapy with Andrew Tatarsky, Shamanic Journeying with Sara Salam of Luminous Warriors, Vitalism and Herbalism from Acorn School of Natural Medicine, sustainable arts from Center for Arts Education and Sustainability, print making and oil painting at the National Academy of Fine Arts of NY, and printmaking at the Art Students League of New York. These trainings, among others, lay her academic foundations in psychology, wellness, spirituality, and art.

In addition to these formal educational structures, Madeline has immersed herself in indigenous cultures and has made pilgrimages to various sacred sites around the world to deepen her spiritual and artistic practice.



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Madeline has participated in various ceremonies held by indigenous wisdom keepers since 2009. Her journeys have taken her to the deep jungles of the Amazon, where she learned from the Secyoya people of Ecuador, the Kofan of Colombia, and the Ese’eja of Peru. In these travels she was introduced to the sacred brew of yage and ayahuasca, where her visions opened and her reverence for protecting the Earth began.

As her travels continued, Madeline went deeper into South America where she learned about the strength and the subtly of listening to the great mother from the Kogi, Wiwa, and Mhyusqa of Colombia. This experience gave her tools to deepen her meditation skills and refine her communication practices with the Earth and others. There she learned about the scared use of cacao, mambe, abil, agreements, and spiritual reciprocity.


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Madeline supported the "young elder" Alejo Sanchez on his pilgrimage through Peru to obtain the spiritual rights to construct a temple for wachuma on his land in Pasto, Colombia.  

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Madeline was called to Japan to pay homage to the oldest cedar trees on the island of Yakushima. While exploring the the east, Madeline journeyed solo into the Outback of Australia to meet the great Uluru rock that is connected with the Aboriginal Dreamtime.

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These are adventures full of lessons and stories that are to be spoken of around a fire. 

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Professionally, Madeline has exhibited her artwork in Washington D.C., New York, Costa Rica, and Colombia. Madeline co-produced and co-created the visionary art exhibit Seeds of the Anaconda in Mocoa, Colombia (2016), and the visionary spiritual art retreat “AGGUANILE: Water Wisdom Gathering” in Sierra Nevada, Colombia (2017).

Madeline shares her therapeutic art practices in various groups and settings. Madeline has facilitated introspective art workshops for women survivors of domestic violence through the non profit organization Here There Everywhere in New York. 

Madeline provides artistic psychedelic integration and has worked to support the Rainforest Medicine Councils, that is an Ethnobotanical Immersion retreat held at Guaria de Osa, Costa Rica.


Madeline shares her healing arts practices with all; including youth groups, special events, in cooperate settings for the general public.

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Madeline is dedicated to share the practice of art with others and to help ignite the inspiration of creativity within. Through her journeys and maturity, Madeline has created Healing Arts 4 All to synthesize her spiritual experiences and merge them with art as a way to help others on their path of self discovery.

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