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A healthy life is all about balance and having the body, mind, and heart in alignment with one another.

"BODY - MIND - ART" is a 1 week online class series designed to support you with fun and empowerment for your body, mind & creative health. 

Together we will strengthen our bodies, focus our minds, and learn new skills to express our creativity. 

In this series, we will meet on a digital Zoom call, 3 days a week for different lengths of time, depending on the day subject.

Once you register, I will send you an email with the links and welcome info! 

Come to one class or to all three! 
~ Same price ~

If you cannot attend in person, you will receive a digital recording of the class you missed to watch on your own time.


💪MONDAY [8am EST] will be dedicated to FITNESS (50 mins). Here we will sculpt and tone our bodies focusing on our core and sweet target spots that we want to be in shape. 

🙏TUESDAY [12:30pm EST]   will be dedicated to MEDITATION (30 mins). On this day we will practice to train the mind to connect with the breath and sit in the heart. 

🎨WEDNESDAY [7pm EST] will be dedicated to CREATIVITY (2 hrs). In a "paint & sip" style of step by step instruction, I will take you through the creation of a painting and give you different artistic techniques to inspire you to create with joy and confidence your own finished piece. 

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FB: @MadStar
Ig: @Madscientist4love

BODY - MIND - ART One Week Class Series

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