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An Adventure Retreat

To Inspire Your Creativity & Relationship with the Amazon Rainforest

May 1 - May 8th, 2020 
Las Piedras Biological Station, Madre de Dios, Puerto Maldonado, Peru

Located at Las Piedras Biological Station, Amazon Connection is an immersive adventure retreat in the Amazon of Peru to inspire creativity and personal growth by developing an intimate relationship with the jungle and to highlight the conversation of climate change on this territory through direct experience. 

In this adventure retreat we will use creative techniques of art making, meditation and direct experience with nature to heighten our awareness of the inner landscape of our hearts and the outer landscape of the Amazon. Guests are invited to share their creative process and musings of their experience on the final day of our journey together with reflection and celebration.

On this adventure retreat participants will be accompanied by local guides and craftsmen of the territory and will be lead in creative and introspective exercises by the artist Madeline Lynch. 

To develop a personal relationship with the jungle, guests will engage in activities including guided nature walks by local experts to identify the flora and fauna of the territory.  On these meditative walks we will observe the wildlife and learn about the properties of medicinal and edible plants and plants used for crafting and artistic purposes. From this walk we will create our own paint from jungle plants to be used throughout this adventure retreat to journal and to make art. 

Together we will sit in nature, visiting waterfalls and the jungle canopy viewed from the top of the great mother Kapok tree. We will engage in plein air sketching and doodling at these sites to tap into our creative power inspired by nature. Honoring the people and culture of the Amazon we will have the opportunity to learn crafts from the local community such as basket weaving and more.

Time will be dedicated for the development of your own personal creative process within the vibrant environment of the jungle in the form of individual “studio” time and creative collaborative engagements. Painting, writing, music, and dancing are all welcome creative mediums to work with throughout this experience. You do not need to identify as an "artist" to join this experience!

As a whole we will engage with nature and discuss the effects of climate change on this territory. 

In conversation we will hold an awareness towards consciously attuning our hearts with nature and healing.

Together we will form a personal relationship with the jungle and be inspired for a life time. 



  • For guests to develop a personal relationship with the Amazon Jungle.

  • For guests to draw inspiration from nature towards the development of a creative project or artistic engagement.

  • To help preserve the Amazon Jungle and culture with respect and dignity.

  • For guests to find peace and recharge from being in the vibrant life force of the jungle. 

  • To highlight and engage in conversation about the influence of climate change on the Amazon. 

  • Learn about amazon culture and art techniques from local people of the territory. 

  • Enjoy nature and Life itself.

 Activities Include

  • Guided Nature walks discovering Flora & Fauna of the Jungle.

  • Paint Making

  • Craft demonstrations from people of the local community.

  •  Plein Air Sketching of wildlife.

  •  Waterfall swimming and viewing

  • Tree Climbing and Canopy Viewing

  • Yoga

  • Guided Meditations

  • Creative Collaboration Exercises and Creative Reflection 

  • Conversations about Climate Change

  • Gaia Healing Constellation & Meditation

$ Price

  • Limited Spots Available!  (Limited to 8 - 12 guests)

  • Price: $1315 - This price includes transport from Puerto Maldonado to and from the Biological Station, three meals a day while at the Biological Station, two group meals in Puerto Maldonado, Sleeping Accommodations at Biological Station and two night Accommodations in hotel in Puerto Maldonado, All Jungle and Art Guided Activities.

  • This price does NOT include plane tickets, taxi or tuk-tuk to and from airport, tips, or personal purchases.

  • If flight connections are missed by guest, the guest is responsible to pay for individual transport that will be organized by the Amazon Connection team.


  • Guests will fly into the the Puerto Maldonado Airport  on May 1

  • Guest will be met guide at the airport and transported to hotel in Puerto Maldonado to meet group. 

  • Guests will travel to Las Piedras Biological Station by car and boat on April 17th.

  • Guests will leave Las Piedras Biological Station on April 22nd to be transported back to hotel in Puerto Maldonado.

  • Guests stay the evening at hotel in Puerto Maldonado to be transported to the Puerto Maldonado Airport the following day on May 8th.

Your Impact

  • Provide local community with monetary resources by giving jobs that are in alignment with environmental awareness and conservation.

  •  Increase the incentive to conserve the jungle using bio friendly products and practices.  

  • Encourage the local community to value and preserve their culture with richness and reverence. 

  • Share with your friends and family at home your new or re-found passion for the Amazon jungle and spread awareness about its importance and impact on the entire world.

  • Gain a new perspective regarding resources and the concept of want vs need. 

What to Bring

  • Bug Repellent

  • Long pants & long sleeve shirts

  • Hat

  • Bathing Suit

  • Required Immunization by your Doctor (Malaria Pills / Yellow Fever Vax)

  • Walking shoes // Waterproof shoes

  • Personal Art Materials (NON TOXIC) - Paper, brushes, color pencils, watercolor paints, musical instruments etc. Toxic materials will not be tolerated. All discarded material must be brought back to Puerto Maldonado with you. LEAVE NO TRACE POLICY.

  • Personal Journal // Sketchbook

  • Passport

  • Water bottle

  • Headlamp & Flashlight

  • Cash in Peruvian Sol. ( 1 sol = .30 usd)

  • An Adventurous Heart

  • Reusable Walking Bag

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