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The seed of inspiration for the Amazon Connection adventure retreat was planted 11 years ago in 2009 when Madeline - a 22 year old bright eyed college student, studying art, visited the Amazon Jungle for the first time and met Juan Julio, a wildlife expert and native guide of the territory. 

As Madeline was introduced to the jungle through Juan Julio´s eyes, her spirit was ignited by the plentiful and vibrant life that was present everywhere she looked, smelled, and touched. She was inspired by the green moving highways created by the leaf cutter ants, the iridescent flutters of the Blue Morpho butterfly wings, the old winding life size roots of the Kapok trees, and so much more. Wonder and adventure was everywhere and Mother Nature was the greatest artist Madeline had ever seen.

Very quickly a true friendship was made between Madeline and Juan Julio realizing their common passion for nature and aligned personal mission to help protected the sacred and rich territory of the jungle. They felt and witnessed how this thriving environment held keys to many mysteries and encouraged people fully step into themselves with joy and confidence.


Together they decided to create the Amazon Connection to help preserve the territory using the tools of art and meditation to create a deep personal connection with the nature of the jungle and all her creatures.  


Juan Julio Duran

Wild Life & Nature Expert 

Juan Julio was born and raised in the Ese-Eja community of Infierno located near the city of Puerto Maldonado, Peru. Native to the Amazonian jungle, Juan Julio has extensive knowledge of Amazonian plants, animals, insects, authentic cultural techniques, and all that Las Pierdras has to offer. 

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Madeline Lynch

Artist & Earth Light Guide

Madeline Lynch is an artist from the New York area of the United State who first fell in love with the Jungle in 2009; a trip that changed her life forever. 

Since 2009 Madeline has traveled extensively throughout South America and has developed a deep devotion to nature and the communities who strive to live in balance with her. 

Madeline has a strong connection to her spiritual path that is Earth/Spirit based. She is a massage therapist, level II Reiki practitioner, 200hr yogi instructor, and student of Ron Young studying Spiritual & Family Constellations. She is also a psychology Masters graduate from Teachers Collage, Columbia University.

In her work, Madeline blends art and mediation to create experiences to heighten one's emotional and spiritual awareness for personal empowerment.

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