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     Art Alchemy    
Blended Art & Meditation classes for stress relief, discovery, and healing ...  

Be curious.....Use art to reframe your life with meaning and compassion.


Art is the universe flowing through us. 

Using art as a tool, we are granted direct access to the divine creative force that is the universe itself. 

Art allows for growth, exploration, healing, and discovery, in a range of all subjects including science, psychology, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, and health. Art is particularly helpful to release stress, anxiety, and to help express emotions that are difficult to put into words. 

In these transformative art classes we explore our profound human nature to unlock the depths of our souls, processing our inner experiences and develop new understands about ourselves and the world around us. 

The aim of these classes are to cultivate a creative community that engages with esoteric-spiritual thought and to promote self healing and discovery. We take the magical and mysterious aspects of life and ground these experiences with practical coping tools for expression and renewal.  

Art techniques include: drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, printmaking, poetry and dance.

Spiritually based practice include: meditation, shamanic journeying, hands on healing, reiki, cord cutting, activation, ancestral work, plant medicine, and more.

Send an email and you may request a private class,

or to receive more information when public classes are on the horizon! 



Mandalas of Intention: Natural Paint Making!

Art Classes for the Transforming Spirit


 Issues for Art Alchemy Transformation

  • Curiosity & Learning

  • Stress

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Self Expression

  • Self Confidence & Empowerment

  • Meaning Making 

  • Life Transitions

  • Grief

  • Emotional support for the critically ill & caregivers

  • Heartbreak

  • Learning disabilities

  • Connecting with the Universe 

  • Connecting with Spirit & Healing Guides behind the vail

Sacred Geometry & Art Making

Part I: Vesica Pisces & The Flower of Life 

In this workshop you are invited to explore what it feels like for consciousness to become conscious of itself. Through mediation and watercolors you will learn about the Vesica Pisces, and the flower of life, that makes the base canvas for the creation of our reality. You will leave this class with a unique painting of your own and foundational knowledge regarding the flower of life and sacred Geometry.


Spiritual +++ 

Art Technique +++

Yoga & Figure Drawing

In this class we honor our bodies with love by exploring movement and balance through yoga while also practicing the draw the body in different yoga positions. This class is a great way yet flex your creative muscles while toning your physique. 

Spiritual ++

Art Technique +++

Physical ++

Painting the Cosmos

In this class we explore the galaxy, learning about stars, distant nebulas, our place in the universe and how to paint cosmic forms with acrylic paint.

Spiritual +

Art Technique +++

Drawing Human Layers - Body to Aura

In this class we will tone our skills of creativity and clairvoyance by learning to cultivate energy in our bodies (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) and explore how we perceive and experience energy in the field. This class is exploratory and a great way to gain more experience and understand of the unseen world that we move through everyday.

Spiritual ++++

Art Making Technique +++

Painting Your Heart Temple

In this class we explore through mediation our own place of peace and sanctuary and illustrate our finding as a remembrance and activation with paint and mixed media. 

Spiritual +++

Art Technique +

Sheding Light On Our Shadows Through Self Portait

In this class we take a deep look at our own shadows and use writing and meditation techniques to make peace with them and reveal new aspects of ourselves. In this class we also study self portraiture drawing using charcoal. 

Spiritual ++

Art Technique ++

Reframing Beauty - Figure Drawing & Self Love. 

In this workshop we take on the role of artist and the model to see the beauty of physical form with fresh eyes. Beginning with a self love and kindness meditation we explore what beauty means to us and discover what shapes, colors and textures we are naturally drawn to and those that repulse us. In an art making meditation & practice, you, the artist, focuses on a part of your own body, a human model, fruit, or flower and abstract it as a way to go deeper into exploring the meaning of beauty in the physical form beyond the logical mind. 

Spiritual ++

Art Technique ++

Chakra Balancing with Color & Painting

In this workshop we study our chakras through meditation and painting. We will learn how to use painting as an active mediation for release and realignment of the chakras. 

Spiritual ++++

Art Technique +++

Laughing Artist

"Why so serious?"  - Laughing is the best medicine!


In this class we make jokes and artwork, being as silly as possible! We will laugh through a few group activities, illustrate funnies, and share out in a mini laughable show case at the end of the class. 

Spiritual +

Art Technique ++

Natural Pigments Labratory

In this workshop we learn to use plants and natural minerals as paint to make original drawings while exploring the anatomy & properties of plants. You will be introduced to egg tempera and watercolor techniques. 

Spiritual ++

Art Technique ++++

Art Jam - Creative Social

Bring your own materials and be relaxed and inspired to work along side artists, visionaries and contemporaries including, painters, poets, musicians... etc. 

Live Model Drawing

Bring your own materials and sketch from a live model.  

Cacao & Shamanic Journey

In this workshop we will have a cacao ceremony and journey into the heart to meet our guides and muses of the heart and inspiration. From this shamanic journey you will then paint your experience as an activation and spiritual totem for your path. 

Cacao come directly from Sierra Nevada, Colombia and supports native people in right relation with the Earth.

Mambe de Maiz - Women’s talking circle

This is a ceremony and spiritual practice from the Mhyusqa of Colombia. It is a process of making mambe de maiz, activating the sweet word of Mother Earth and sharing with fellow women with arts and music. 

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