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Artist Statement

I bleed rainbows. 


As I watch each color of my pallet bleed into the next, I experience the poetry of the universe, with joy, simplicity, and reverence. I am curious of my relation to it all, and with experiential awe I let the universe move through me, guiding my hand to reach for the next whisper of vibrant expression. 


It is through color, form, and movement that I explore the organic qualities of abstraction in relation to the inner expression of my experience as a living spirit in human form.


To me art is a visual philosophy of life and each painting that I create is a live Being in itself that has the capacity to hold a unique vibrational conversation with different people over the course of time, context, and relational personal narrative. Through the process of art making I, the artist, experience the birth, growth, and sometimes death, of a painting by engaging in constant dialogue with it and the guiding genius and muses who inspire creation and curiosity. 


Through the art making process I learn life lessons such as how to let go, how to embrace change, how to decipher my true feelings, and much more. The art studio is also a great laboratory to research topics of my personal interest such as micro biology, quantum physics, geometry, the Earth, natural materials, the cosmos, human relations, indigenous cultures, and mythology.  


Art is alchemy in both interior and exterior dimensions of the self.  Internally for the art-maker, the creating of a painting can transform stress, anxiety, depression, heartbreak, passion, loss of identity, and fear into profound acceptance, action and beauty. This is done by taking the time and attention to truly examine the inner landscape of ourselves and the root causes of the lived experience or idea. In an outer sense of alchemy, the viewer of a painting can connect directly to a nonverbal source of  understanding that can ignite hope, compassion, and revolution.


It is through not only visually seeing another point of view or expression on canvas that sparks a revolution of the soul, but it is through feeling that this change is ignited and sustained. 


It is time to pour our guts out on canvas and express the deep dark beauty of truth that is inside all of us. 


If you want to collaborate and put a dream to Earth, contact me. 


I am you

you are me

we are we

in us we trust

love never comes empty handed 

lets figure it out.... or just sit side by side in wonder until it changes its form again... 

"Mapping my Life" Acrylic on paper, 2009

"Unlocking the Vision" Portrait series, 2012

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